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Cleaning Medical and Healthcare Facilities

Medical facility cleaning is janitorial services performed in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, doctor offices, dental clinics, and physical therapy centers. Medical facility cleaning cannot be performed by every commercial cleaning service. This type of cleaning requires people trained to clean up contagions and prevent cross-contamination.

Special Concerns Associated with Medical Facility Cleaning

• Cross-contamination is the main concern when the service is provided in a facility with in-house patients like a hospital or clinic. If one person has a staph infection and the cleaning service does not take the necessary precautions they could inadvertently spread that staph infect to other patients in the facility.

• Proper disinfecting of all surfaces in the facility is necessary to stop things like the flu virus from spreading throughout the facility. In medical facilities there are sick people and those sick people leave the germs that could spread their illness on everything they touch. That means the cleaning service has to wipe down every surface in the facility with a disinfectant that is strong enough to kill the germs.

• A medical facility cleaning service must provide their employees with gloves, masks, goggles, and other protective equipment to reduce the risks that their employees will contract a contagious disease while performing their duties.

• The service provider needs a basic knowledge of medical equipment so they can sterilize and disinfectant everything properly.

• If the cleaning crew is ill they could bring illness into the facility. Any person having a fever of more than 100 should not be permitted to work. Anyone with an upper respiratory issue should wear a protective shield over their mouth so they do not spread germs throughout the facility.

• Careful attention must be paid to the bathrooms in these facilities. Floors should shine but not be slippery.

• Any trash that has blood contaminants or body fluids on it needs to be bagged in bio-hazard bags and kept separate from the other trash removed from the building.

Considerations that must be made by a Medical Facility Cleaning Service

• All chemicals used need to be low in odor because people with breathing disorders, or allergies, will find strong odors offensive.

• The cleaning must be done at a time when there are no patients in the building. This means that most services have to be performed during the night time hours.

• Every square inch of the facility must be cleansed thoroughly including the filters on the air conditioning system.

• The cleaning crew should never touch blood or bodily fluids with their bare hands.

• Sharps containers must be in place for syringes and sharp objects.

Medical facility cleaning must be performed by janitorial crews that have been taught the proper safety measures to use in order to reduce the risks of spreading diseases. You can get more information from medical facility cleaning Indianapolis.

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