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The Beauty of Polished Concrete Floors

You deserve a clean work environment and professional service.

Most people previously regarded concrete as a subfloor. In most cases, it is covered up by several materials initially believed to be better like tiles, carpeting, and wood. But it has now become the appealing choice of many individuals, businesses and corporate organizations.

In case you're new to polished concrete flooring, it's a natural composite material that's produced from aggregate (typically river stones, rocks, and graphite chips) in combination with a cement binder (like limestone and calcium sulfate) and water.

Is there a difference between cement and concrete?

Actually, cement is just a component of concrete; so the sidewalks which are found almost everywhere are not made of cement but concrete. Presently, there is a wide variety of flooring styles and methods, but one of the most popular flooring solutions in recent years is polished concrete flooring.

Concrete and Polished Concrete - Any difference?

The main difference between concrete and polished concrete is the transformation process. The polished concrete gets transformed into a smooth and decorative surface suitable for flooring by undergoing treatment with a concrete densifier. This is a chemical which helps to fill the pores when applied over the surface of the concrete. As soon as the surface of the concrete is prepared and dried, then it is grounded using grounding tools while it progressively gets finer until it achieves its desired finish.

So, Why is Polished Concrete Floor so Hot Right Now?

In almost all settings, polished concrete flooring remains a perfect choice for people and businesses. Its versatility, limitless design options, custom color choices and its ability to match any style are some of the factors that make polished concrete flooring an ideal decorative choice. It provides large open spaces with a unifying aesthetic which offers an uninterrupted transition from interior to exterior. Whether you desire it for your home or industrial and commercial facilities, it offers several benefits.

Are you considering the best flooring for your commercial and industrial facilities such as hotel lobbies, factories, warehouses, automotive shops, offices, and several others, or your homes? Take a look at some of its benefits.

  • It has a prolonged service life - Don't forget that polished concrete can resist heavy traffic like the legs of household furniture in homes and the forklift which is common among industrial and commercial facilities. This explains why it maintains a long service life. That's not all; the floor cannot be damaged by chemical and oil spills. It dramatically resists the transmission of moisture in contrast to other surfaces that seal off the concrete entirely. Since polishing enables the concrete to breathe, there is no need to worry about issues arising due to moisture.
  • It provides a professional Image - The beauty of polished concrete undoubtedly promotes a professional image for most organizations in any environment. It promotes a clean image without in any way limiting its durability or longevity. This not only gives the business a fresh and modern appeal but it serves as a consistent and reliable foundation for employers, employees, and customers.
  • It Lowers Cost - Don't forget that what is used as the substrate and the finished product here is the pre-existing concrete. So, if you're worried about the cost of carrying out the flooring job, then you don't have to. This single factor lowers the cost for businesses when polishing their floor and lowers the cost of maintenance since it's quite easy to clean.
  • Reflectivity - This is one of the remarkable features of polished concrete floors. Most office buildings and businesses love the reflectivity of the polished concrete surface. This is mainly because, naturally, it brightens the workplace by reflecting artificial light within the business facility. Apart from eliminating the need for extra electricity to brighten up the office environment, it promotes a lively workplace.
  • Customizable - Do you have any unique shape, color or features in mind? Polished concrete is the perfect solution for you. You can provide a design that suits your personal or corporate needs. We can design and color your concrete floors to suit your needs while exposing the concrete's natural beauty.
  • Maintenance - Another exciting feature of polished concrete floors is its ease of maintenance. It's usually hard for pollutants to be trapped between cracks, edges or crevices of the floor because, across its entirety, it consists of a smooth and level floor. All that is required is just to wipe the floor as often as desired. To ensure the continued smoothness and shine of the concrete, you can make use of other products.

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Different Categories of Polished Concrete Floor

The installation of polished concrete floor has two main categories; the retrofit floors and new floors. Wondering which one is perfect for you?

The choice depends on the state of your concrete floors. When working with new floors, the process does not require much work, and this leads to less cost. However, some specifications need to be considered before polishing the new concrete floor.

On the other hand, retrofit floors can be polished depending on the state of the concrete. At Transpacific Building Maintenance, Inc., we can polish the concrete to any standard if it's in an excellent condition. But, if it's in a poor state, then it needs to be ground while the natural aggregate is featured as the "exposure level." So, the one that suits your floor depends on the condition of the floor.

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Several Colors, Textures, and Finishes are Available

What determines the texture and finish of concrete floors is the grade of concrete used. It also determines the polishing process. So, you have almost limitless options when choosing the colors, textures, and finishes of a new concrete floor. There are several ways to introduce color; for instance, to achieve any of your desired colors, pigment can be mixed into wet concrete. Also, colored aggregates like marbles, stones, and pieces of glass can be added. It's possible to color-dry concrete with water-based stain.

So, how much does it cost to Install a Polished Concrete floor?

Generally, installing a polished concrete floor is not expensive. Several factors may determine the pricing of a polished concrete floor. For instance, the decorative effects applied on the floor such as scoring or staining can increase the price. Also, your location and how many levels of grinding needed to make the surface of the floor smooth enough, are some factors that may affect the price.

A common factor which often leads to a drop in the price is the size of the space. Larger spaces attract less costs. Find below the cost of installing a polished concrete floor:

  • The cost of a polished concrete floor which requires just a few levels of grinding is $3/sq. ft.
  • Concrete floors that require more in-depth grinding or other effects such as coloring with dyes and stains costs between $3 and $8/sq. ft.
  • Since it’s often harder to obtain a consistent look when making use of a smaller machine in a residential floor, the typical cost for polished concrete for such space is between $6 and $12 sq. ft.

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Apart from the fantastic look of our polished concrete floors, they are amazingly durable while helping you maintain a low carbon footprint.

Our experience in designing interiors of offices, restaurants and retails spaces is extensive. The durability of our polished concrete floors makes it ideal for industrial purposes. Of course, homes are not left out; we design livable and comfortable floorings for families of diverse shapes and sizes. You can check out the list of our clients as proof of the quality of our services.

At Transpacific Building Maintenance, Inc., our goal is to provide our clients with professional and reliable service on all projects. We believe that you deserve a clean work environment and professional service.

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You deserve a clean work environment and professional service.

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