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Parking Lot Striping

When it comes to a business parking lot, it is important that your patrons know exactly where they can and cannot park their vehicles. The only way to ensure that they know this is by striping the parking lot to distinguish different spaces from one another.

To do this, parking lot striping companies make use of specialized equipment that draws lines onto the pavement. This type of service can come in helpful for a variety of commercial properties including shopping centers, parking garages, churches, and other public use buildings.

The type of striping that you choose for your commercial property will depend on each the size and layout of your parking lot. For most, parallel lines are the most beneficial. For other, diagonally slotted lines work best.

The best way to determine which types of lines you should choose is to create a plan and a layout of your parking lot. Design one layout with diagonal lines and the other with parallel lines. The design that secures the most parking spaces will be the one most beneficial for you and your property.

Once your parking lot striping is complete, you should expect it to last a few years. The fading of stripes is common, mainly because they are constantly being exposed to sunlight, rain, and snow. If you are an establishment that receives a great deal of traffic, you will want to engage in regular parking lot maintenance. And while some owners simply have their parking lot re-striped every few years, there are many who also take it as an opportunity to add another layer of fresh asphalt at the same time.

What can a parking lot striping company do for you? In addition to painting lines on your parking lot, a striping company can also aide in the maintenance of your lot. As time passes, it is not only your paint that needs to be retouched.

In addition, the buildup of water can lead to cracks in the pavement. In return, this can lead to potholes that can be hazardous for both walking and driving. In such a case, a re striping company can cover any damage and smooth out the surface of your lot, replacing it with a clean layer of blacktop and asphalt striping.

Why should you invest your money in parking lot striping? There are many reasons. Most obviously, striping provides your visitors with clear guidelines as to where they can park. Not only does this benefit you by maximizing your parking space, but it also benefits any visitors, giving them peace of mind that another vehicle will not come too close to theirs.

In addition, the services that come along with parking lot striping, such as resurfacing the asphalt, can be extremely beneficial in preventing safety issues with potholes and cracks. Not only can this increase the safety of your visitors, but it can also reduce your risk of a lawsuit if anything were to happen.

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