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New Construction Clean-Up Services

When it comes to new construction clean-up, the process is anything but fun. Whether you are working inside or outside of a building, construction can leave a huge mess. Someone has to clean it up, but most employers don’t have the time or man-power to do the job themselves.

As such, if you are looking for new construction clean-up, it may be worth investing in the help of a cleaning service. Let’s learn a little more about these services, as well as how they can benefit your business.

There are many different types of construction cleanup services, some of which focus on cleanup throughout the construction process, and others which focus purely on post-production cleanup.

In addition, there are some companies that only do indoor clean-up, some who only do outdoor cleanup, and others who do both. Regardless of which type of company you need, there are several different services that a construction clean-up company can offer you.

A construction clean-up company can:

  • Wash and dry any surfaces
  • Scrub floors, countertops, walls, or other surfaces
  • Wax and buffer floors
  • Dust ceilings, lights, fans, and other fixtures
  • Sanitize kitchens and bathrooms
  • Vacuum and clean carpets
  • Clean out drawers, cupboards, and other hard to reach spots
  • Clean windows

Why hire new construction clean-up services? Cleanup services understand that contractors have tight schedules and deadlines that they need to meet. As such, cleanup services work quickly to ensure that your construction area gets tidied up in a reasonable amount of time. In general, you should expect your tidy up to be completed within two to three days maximum – that is much quicker than you would be able to do on your own!

How much does construction clean-up cost? There are several factors that will influence the cost of post-construction cleanup. Included within these factors are the size and difficulty of the job at hand, the company that you hire to do the job, and the geographical location that you are working within. In general, you should expect to pay between 10 and 25 cents for each square foot of cleanup required.

Here are some tips to help you find the best construction clean-up service around:

  • Shop around. Never hire a cleaning service without first taking a look at your other options
  • Ask for referrals and conduct brief interviews with companies before selecting one
  • Do your research. Check for any complaints on the BBB and scam online review websites for ratings and comments about the company and its work.
  • Always make sure that the company you hire is licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Ask for a free quote and get it in writing

By following the few simple steps above, you will quickly be led to the best clean-up crew in town. Never attempt to go at cleaning up a construction mess on your own – this will take too much time, too many resources, and will never achieve the same results as a cleaning company. Start looking today and get the job done quickly, efficiently, and properly!

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